Tagged ~ 7 links Challenge

I have been tagged by my dear friends Jay and Sangeetha a few days back and I can see that this tagging game has already caught the blogging world like fire. Thank you both for the tags. Here are my links for the following categories.

1. The Most Beautiful Post: According to me I think these two will be appropriate because the first click is eye catchy and the second one has absolutely wonderful memories attached to it.

Aloo Anardhana Chaat

Garlic Smoked Tomato Chutney

2. The Most Popular Posts: Here I go with the most hits and searches that these posts received.

Verkadalai / Groundnut Chutney

Butter Naan (Without Yeast)

3. The Most Controversial Posts: So far I don't have any and let me hope that it stays that way too.

4. The Most Helpful Posts: I think these two posts are more helpful because these two posts gets surprisingly many number of hits considering the fact that the first recipe is not made at home now-a-days and bought ready made from the stores.
Vengaya Kari Vadagam

Goose berry Pickles

5. The Posts that were surprisingly successful: That would definitely fall in the baking category as I always expect it to come out very well in the first attempt itself and can't take it if it becomes a disaster. So my first bread attempt and definitely the biscotti because I have never tasted it before and baking them without knowing how it would come out and taste made me so anxious and was quite relieved with the outcome when I got to taste it.
Eggless Banana Loaf

Garlic Bread Rolls

Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti

6. The Posts that did not get the attention that it deserves: Many of my earlier posts did not get any attention and I have only myself to blame, as I was not regularly blogging and I also did not know how to play the game. So I guess I did not have any friends but now I can comfortably and happily say that I have many and can reach out in case some thing goes boom and be relaxed in the feeling that they would help me out. Pulichaa keerai Thokku and Moong Sprouts Bhaji were very special to me.

7. Posts that I'm Proud of:  These recipes were something I tried out random without following any particular recipe which turned out not just fine but awesome and a big hit with my family and friends.
Manchurian Burger

Spicy Gulab Jamoon Curry

Bread Jamoons

Hope you all like my choices. I don't wish to stop with this but pass on the ball and invite the following friends to share their links with all of us.
Priya Sreeram