Fun N Sun ~ Roundup – Part 1

I am totally loving this. Compiling the roundup of this particular event is proving to be utterly blissful. You will understand once you scroll down the page. I hoped on posting this round up in the first week of this month but was unable to do so because of the failure of my phone connection and was rendered with out any internet connection for a fortnight.

Tickling Palates completed 3 wonderful years and when I thought celebrating this occasion,  I announced FUN N SUN event which also happened to be my children's pet project during the holidays. As promised they helped me in compiling this roundup.

I would like to thank all my friends who participated by sending in their lovely entries. I have planned to post the round-up in 3 parts for an easy reference to everyone and this part will feature Drinks - Fruit juices, Cold drinks, Cocktails, Mock tails etc., refreshing your palate and quenching your thirst.

So fellas, sit back and enjoy this visual treat of a roundup.


Deepthi – Strawberry Lemonade
Divya – Cold Coffee
Vidhas – Beat the heat
Raji – Aam Ka Panna, Thandai, Strawberry Lassi

Shubadha – Panaka (Musk Melon Drink)
Vaishali – Musky Khus
Aipi – Strawberry Basil Lemonade
Panch Pakwan – Sol Kadi
Raji – Watermelon Yogurt Drink
Sunanda – Watermelon Mint Cooler

Divya – Dates and Honey Milk Shake, Masala Buttermilk
Sarah – Ginger Lime Soda
Madhusmita – Cranberry Lemonade
Premalatha - Jil Jil Jigarthanda
Kaveri – Aam Ka Panna

Shobha - Pomegranate & Grape juice, Minty Pineapple juice
Kalyani – Spicy Buttermilk
Padma – Pineapple Mango Mocktail
Nisha - Sangria Blanca (White Sangria)
Vaishali – Lemonade

Vaishali - Rabadi Falooda
Priya – Bottle gourd Juice, Strawberry Lemonade and Pear lemonade
Vaishali – Mocha Orange, Pink Lady

Sobha – Minty Tangy Water melon Juice, Strawberry Double Delight
Vaishali - Faalsa Sharbat
Jaleela - Watermelon ginger,pepper cooler
Sravani - Sagu Jaava
Sobha – Apple Dates Milkshake

Sukanya - Sugarfree watermelon mint lemonade
Sravani – Quick & Easy Cold Coffee
Denny - Minty green cucumber juice, Rose Milk
Nivedita – Lime and Mint Juice
Ayesha – Nongu Paal

Vatsala – Mixed Fruit Juice, Cucumber Water
Radhika – Paanagam, Sweet Lime Juice, Spicy Masala Buttermilk, Watermelon Cooler

I have taken utmost care and tried not to miss out on any entries, but if I have omitted any of your entries please understand that it was not intentional and was an oversight. Don't hesitate to intimate me and also I ask to wait till all the parts of the roundup gets posted. 

The other 2 parts will be posted before this weekend. Don't forget to check them out here:
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