Tickling Palates... A Recap of 2011

So, Why do we need to delve into the past? Can’t we just let the bygones be bygones and carry on with the present and step into the future without making a big event of it. Many do, but in my humble opinion, past is always a source for nostalgia and romance. Many a times it is from where we identify from our unknown strengths, pick it up with pride and pursue it with passion going on to perfect it. 

Though I started my blog way back in 2008, I actively started blogging during this year only. I guess that is reason enough for me to delve into the year that went by to identify my hits and misses and pat myself in the back for keeping up with resolution that I would not neglect my blog this year too. Off to the recap now....

The Best posts for the year would be Adhirasam and Butter Naan without Yeast as they reign over the other posts hits wise.

and my own favorite being Akkaravaisal

and I’m proud of these Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti and Dinner Rolls which I finally perfected.

I celebrated my blog birthday for the first time by announcing the event “Having Fun N Sun” which was also the first event to be hosted in this space.

I started my own monthly event Let’s Cook Series and it is presently in its 11th edition. Also another venture “Blog Hop Wednesdays” which went on to become a huge hit and was welcomed by all. This event will become a monthly series from next month on and so watch out for both the events, participate by sending in your entries in future too.
I would like to thank all my blogger friends, readers and especially my children at this time for putting up with all the ramblings of mine, supporting and encouraging me.
So here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year and God Bless you all.