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Stuffed Brinjal Curry


I thought that I had to skip this week’s Blog Hop as my laptop had been playing tricks with the screen blinking rapidly and with constant flickering I was unable to get done anything let alone post a recipe in the past few days. But, I did not want to give it a miss because this week we, the blog hoppers are entering the 2nd edition. After repeated phone calls to the service person, finally I got it back yesterday by 8 in the evening. For this week my assigned space was Ammu’s. I remember seeing this cake some time back and wanted to try it out but I pushed myself to go through her space fully and when I stopped at this place, I knew that I was sold.



The reason being, I came home from my home town armed with lots of farm fresh vegetables harvested right from the fields brought in by our gracious guests and I had these really tender brinjals just begging to be put to good use and of course my children love brinjals in any form. I remember this koora being prepared fully in ghee by my Mom’s once upon a time telugu brahmin neighbour. The moment this thought surfaced I was unable to shake off the aroma off my mind. But the little witch “calorie” loomed large mocking me. But hey after all these years of cooking you not only get a hang of it but you do learn how to cheat in order to get a particular flavor without adding to the weighing scale.Smile with tongue out. I had lots of plans when I started my journey to Hubby’s hometown to celebrate Diwali at my In-laws house. I planned on visiting these lovely couple, from whom I learned Garlic Smoked Tomato Chutney and get their blessings and also my Hubby’s Uncle and Aunt for whom I cooked these Sundakkai Masaal Vadai to enquire about his health condition. But rain played havoc and spoiled all those plans and also I did not want to leave Arjun alone as he was just about recovering from a bout of fever and Gastritis. May be during the Pongal Holidays my plans will take shape.



I have 2 versions of these actually one being my mom’s version and the other being my MIL’s version but this time around I wanted to make it very very spicy and hot, typical Andhra Style with of course the flavor of ghee. So I tried combining both the version and with some effective method of cheating Hmmm Errr cooking that is I was successful in getting that particular aroma and taste.



Stuffed Brinjal Curry / Gutthi Vankaya Kaara Koora

(Print this recipe)

You’ll need:

To roast and powder:




Heat a skillet with oil and roast the ingredients mentioned under “To roast and powder" together over low flame without changing their color and till the aroma wafts out.



Let it cool completely. Add salt and powder it coarsely in a mixer and keep aside.



Meanwhile wash and trim the stem of the brinjals and slit them in the center and open them up without chopping them fully. They should be intact. Check for worms and discard.



Stuff the brinjals with the prepared powder between the slits. Using a spoon will make the job easier and press them together. Set aside if there is any remaining powder. Meanwhile grease a microwave proof dish with ghee and arrange the brinjals one next to the other with the slit side facing up. Drizzle the remaining ghee over the stuffed brinjals.



Partly close the dish with a lid and microwave at high for 2 minutes and at medium for 1 minute or till the brinjals are cooked. They should be firm yet cooked.


Heat a pan with oil. Add mustard seeds, once they splutter add urad dal and roast for a minute. Add finely chopped onions, crushed garlic, curry leaf and cook till the onions turn transparent. Now add salt, remaining powder if any left and roast for a minute. Keep in mind that you have already added salt to the powder.


Add the cooked brinjals to this seasoning and cook over low flame while turning the brinjals gently to get coated well with the onions and powders.


Serve hot with either rice or rotis. They go well with both.




This is off to Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ Week 8 and check out what my fellow blog hoppers have rustled up here and also to Pari’s “Only Curries” hosted by Kamalika.

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