Roasted Almonds Chocolate Ice-Cream | Eggless and Homemade

When I thought of celebrating my blog birthday and announced this event I really wanted to make this ice cream and post it as this happens to be family’s favorite. My kids also wished for the same, they knew that the blog did not have a single ice cream post and wanted me to post specially for this occasion.

Though I had been making ice creams for several years now it was only during on special family celebrations and I had never managed to click a single snap after I started my blog as it disappears so fast after bringing it out of the refrigerator.

As the kids wanted this to be posted so badly I forewarned them that there is to be no peeking inside the freezer. They agreed for all the conditions and showed so much restraint, that I was so amused. So this post is really dedicated to those lovely little brats who showed more understanding.

 Roasted Almonds Chocolate Ice-Cream
You’ll need:

Full cream Milk
500 ml
3/4 – 1 cup
1 tsp
Corn flour
1 tbsp
Fresh cream
200 ml
Almond slivers
5 tbsp
Chocolate chunks
2 tbsp
Vanilla essence
1 tsp
Sweet almond essence
1 tsp


Heat the milk in a pan. Add sugar little by little and let it dissolve completely.

In a bowl take some hot milk and add gelatin. Beat with a spoon and let it dissolve. Add this to the boiling milk and mix it properly. Cook for 2-3 minutes while stirring.

In a bowl take some hot milk and add the chocolate chunks and mix well and let it dissolve to a sauce consistency. You can also do this in microwave.

In a bowl add corn flour and less than 1/4 cup of water and dissolve it without any lumps. Add this and the chocolate sauce little by little to the boiling milk. Make sure the flame is  low.

Let it cool completely. Beat well with a hand mixer or in a blender. Transfer this to an aluminium mould and shove it in the freezer to set.

Roast the almond slivers in ghee and keep it ready. 

After 5 or 6 hours remove the mould and empty the formed chunks in a bowl. Pour the cream, vanilla and sweet almond essence and beat again with a mixer.

Finally add the roasted almond slivers and mix.  Transfer it again to the mould and let it set again.

Ice cream is ready to be served after 3 – 4 hours of setting time. Garnish with more almond slivers before serving in individual serving bowls.

Aluminium moulds work better for setting ice creams.
For the perfect scoop: Refrigerate the scoop and dip it in water before scooping the ice cream. Works best.
You can also use cocoa powder instead of chocolate sauce.
Adjust the sugar level according to your taste.
You can omit the almond essence and replace it with vanilla essence.

This is to my own event Fun N Sun and to Jay's Letz Relishh Icecreams, Taste Junction's Drive me Nuts and to Reva's Only Icecreams, Pari's Brainchild

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