CBB Series #3 ~ Evening Tiffin

What did our grandmothers and mothers did to feed us in the evening before the markets were hit by confectionaries, baked goodies and the evergreen Noodles that could be made is a couple of minutes? Of course they always did have Khakras or Murukkus that are made and stocked up which we all loved to munch during the tea time in the evenings. But there are times when they rustled up something right from scratch and serve us hot and steaming that too especially during the holiday times.

So for this month’s CBB Series I have taken the theme Evening Tiffin. Aloo Bonda, Sabudana Vada, Garam Pakoda, Vazhakkai Bhajjis, Mutter Ki Kachoris are some tiffin varieties from my blog which would be great to have in the evenings.

The Guidelines are as follows:
1. Cook any recipe of your choice that belongs to the theme Evening Tiffin and post it in your blog before 15th May. 
2. The recipe can be your own or from any other source be it from another blog, from your friend etc., If you are trying a recipe from another blog, please acknowledge by providing a link to them and write the recipe in your own words.
3. Multiple entries are welcome.
4. Only vegetarian recipes please (eggs are allowed).
5. Add a link back to this event announcement. The Logo is a must. Entries without linking your post to this announcement and omission of logo will not be accepted.

6. No archived and reposted entries please. The idea of this event is to learn many new recipes in the process. 
7. Please mail me to Radhikasubbu@facebook.com with the following details
# Name :
# Blog Name :
# Blog URL :
# Recipe Name : 

# Recipe link :
# A Click of your recipe 

8. Please send in your entries before 15th of May and the round up will be in the following week.

Don your aprons and get set cooking

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