Announcing CBB ~ Celebrating Bloggers & Blogging - Series #1

What started just as a venture to record the recipes that I know and those of which I got from other friends soon turned a beloved friend. While I was at it I never seemed to miss blogging. But when I met with an accident last year and was incapacitated for almost 7 months I came face to face with the fact that I missed it a lot, in fact much more than I thought.

When I returned to it at this year’s beginning, as a New Year resolution I promised myself that I would hold at least one event. With the success of my first event I would like to announce my second event which will be a monthly recurring event with lots of twists in the future.

I truly believe in my blog description which goes like Explore.... Experiment.... Experience.... Enjoy....  I came across so many blogs and admire the way in which the bloggers pursue their passion with such vigor and passion in spite of having several commitments and time constraints. This event is to celebrate the spirit of the bloggers and the way in which they pursue blogging so passionately.

Now to some Guidelines for the event:

1. Cook any recipe from the blogs that you visit. The only criteria being, the recipe has to be from a blog. It need not necessarily have to be from the blog in your blog list.

2. You have to cook up 2 recipes a month and post it in your blog linking back to this announcement and also the fellow blogger’s link whose recipe you had tried. The Logo is a must. Entries without linking your post to this announcement and logo will not be accepted.

3. The recipes has to be from 2 different blogs and not from the same one.

4. Write the recipe in your own words and style. Send a note to the blogger whose recipe you have tried and share with them the outcome. It would even be better if you could update your post with their comments before mailing me.

5. You can post one recipe every fortnight or just back to back. It is of course your wish. It all depends on your time and convenience. I don’t want this to be strain on you.

6. No archived entries will be accepted. Now come on, the idea is to explore and come across as many blogs as possible. Think of a new friendship blossoming out of your visit.

7. The recipes have to be Vegan/Vegetarian one. Eggs are allowed of course.

8. This event will be for a month and will end on every 15th. This month’s event ends on 15th March.  The round up will be posted within 4 days.

9. Mail me after posting the 2 recipes and not after each recipe post to before 15th March with the following details

Name of your blog:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL :
A click of the Recipes

10. Non Bloggers, this event is not for you. Sorry. But this event should inspire you to start a new blog of your own. I would feel very happy if it happens. Come join millions of other bloggers across the world.

I hope you will all participate in this celebration of spirit and make this event a huge success. Get, set to go Blog Trotting.....

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