Murungakeerai Paruppu–Drumstick Leaves Dal

Murungakeerai Paruppu

Of all the greens, next to coriander leaves my favorite greens happen to be murungakeerai aka Drumstick leaves. It could probably be due to the fact that I grew up eating it on a daily basis and let me not forget to mention that every household in Grandma’s place used to have at least 3 of these trees in their backyards and add to that my grandpa’s insistence on having to eat at least one green dish for the day, these leaves were cooked so frequently.  But of course it is very very difficult to get these leaves here now-a-days.


Today’s recipe is my MIL’s recipe which I love very much for its simplicity and the distinct way in which it is flavored. The cooking time of the leaves are nil. Yes, you read it right. This recipe is downright simple, uses minimum ingredients, mildly spiced, packed with nutrients and flavors yet tastes out of the world when served with hot rice and a dash of ghee. Here, I had used even the blooms of the tree along with the leaves.


Murungakeerai Paruppu / Drumstick Leaves Dal

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 20 Minutes

Serves: 3 – 4





Wash tur dal and along with turmeric powder and enough water, pressure cook till soft. Remove after the pressure is released and mash well adding enough water to the consistency you want the dal to be.

Transfer the dal mixture to another pan. Add sambar powder, salt and let it come to a boil. Cook over low flame for another 5 minutes till the raw smell of the sambar powder goes off.

Now add the drumstick leaves, mix well. Close with a lid and switch off stove.

Meanwhile heat a pan with oil and season with vengaya kari vadagam. When it sizzles, remove the lid and pour the seasoning over the dal. Mix and once again close with the lid.

Let it be for 5-7 minutes for the leaves to get cooked in the heat and for the aroma of the seasoning to get imbibed.

Serve hot with rice to which a dash of ghee has been added along with this potato roast.


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