Stuffed Buns / Masala Stuffed Buns / Stuffed Rolls

Stuffed Masala Buns
I tried these stuffed buns / rolls based on the Pizza recipe and Dinner Rolls. This time though I tried a different mixture (eggless) to brush the top and Voila! the result was a flaky and crisp top that for a second I thought I was enjoying Puffs instead Buns. The kids went so crazy over this and demanded that I make them daily. Totally enjoyed these stuffed buns hot from the oven with a steaming cuppa in the evening. While the top layer was flaky and crisp the inside was so soft and spongy. Try it out for yourself and tell me how you liked it.

Stuffed Buns

Stuffed Buns / Masala Stuffed Rolls

You’ll need:

For the Stuffing:
To brush on top:


For the stuffing: Boil the potato and remove the skin and crumble/ mash them. Finely chop the onion, coriander leaves, mint leaves. Grate the cauliflowers, ginger and garlic.

Heat oil in a pan. Season with cumin seeds. Add onion and sauté till pink. Add the grated ginger, garlic, cauliflower and cook over low flame. Sauté till the florets become soft. Now add mashed potatoes, mushrooms, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, mint and coriander leaves, salt and cook for another 5 mins or till the raw smell disappears and the mixture becomes dry and comes together.

Transfer to a plate and let it cool. Once cool divide them into 6 portions and make into balls and keep aside.

For the Buns:
In a mixing bowl, place all purpose flour, salt, sugar. instant dry yeast, melted butter and mix with your finger tips till it resembles bread crumbs.

Warm together milk and water. Pour over the flour and bring everything together with your hands. Do not knead very hard.

Transfer to a butter greased container and close with a damp towel or plastic sheet. Let it rest for 1-2 hours till the dough doubles in volume. It took just 1 hour for me.

Punch the dough and release the air. Press with your knuckles for 2-3 times. Divide the dough equally into 6 balls. Flatten them on your palm with your finger tips.

Place the vegetable stuffing ball in the middle and bring the edges from around to the top and seal by pressing lightly. Make a soft ball again and place on a greased tray leaving space to avoid sticking together.

Let the buns rest for 15-20 mins. They will rise a little.

To brush on top: Warm the milk and mix in the butter and let it mix with the milk completely. Brush on top of the buns and pour the rest over the buns. Sprinkle white sesame seeds on top and shove into oven and bake @ 200 Deg C for 15-20 mins or till they become golden brown.


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