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Soyachunks Kofta Curry


Soya granules or chunks is a very good protein provider for vegetarians like me. Even though I do cook eggs and bake cakes a lot, it is strictly for the kids only and except for a spoon or 2 to check the texture, I do not eat the cakes if they have eggs in them and I solely depend on legumes a lot for my protein needs. I have started to experiment with the soya chunks a lot as my kids started showing interest in them recently. Instead of making the same old pulao using these chunks, this made a very good change and we all loved it very much with the rotis.


During the recent visit of my MIL, she wanted to know how to use these chunks as she has never cooked them before and since I started cooking them only recently she had no way of seeing these in my kitchen earlier. I made a low cal version of the koftas by cooking them in the paniyaram pan. But you can also deep fry these balls in oil and they will make a very good snack for the kids. Also when made this way, even people who hesitate to eat soya because of its distinct smell will not think twice at all about consuming them as the flavor of the gravy will mask the soya smell even though there won’t be any actually.


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Soya Chunks Kofta Curry

You’ll need:

For the Koftas:

For the Gravy/Curry:


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For the Koftas:

Heat 2 cups of water in a pan and when hot put the soya chunks in it and close the pan. Let it be for 15-20 mins. The chunks would have doubled in size by now. Take them out and squeeze out the excess water. Place it in a mixer jar and pulse it well.


Transfer to a vessel. To this add boiled mashed potato, cumin powder, red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, finely chopped mint leaves, salt and mix well. If they appear moist, add either bread crumbs or corn flour and mix well. Make small balls of this mixture and refrigerate for 1/2 hour.


Heat a paniyaram pan with few drops of oil in the holes. In a plate spread the all purpose flour and rolls these prepared balls to coat them. Place the balls in the holes and cook till they are done and become dark brown in color by turning them to ensure equal cooking. Alternatively you can also deep fry them in oil.  Keep these koftas aside.


For the Curry:

Heat a pan with 3 tsp oil. Season it with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Next add chopped onion and sauté till it turns pink. Now add ginger, garlic and tomatoes and cook till the tomatoes turn mushy. Take off stove and let it cool. Transfer this to a mixie jar and add the mint and coriander leaves. Grind it a coarse paste. Keep aside.


Heat the remaining oil in a pan. Add the bay leaf, coriander powder, red chilli powder and sauté over low flame taking care not to burn them. Now add the ground paste and salt and cook closed with a lid for 5 mins. Now add little water incase it becomes dry and garam masala powder and let it further cook for 2 more mins. Add the koftas to this gravy and drizzle cream over them. Serve hot with rotis / naan.


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  • You can use 2 tbsp of cashew nuts while grinding the onion-tomato mixture for the gravy in order to get a rich and creamy curry.
  • If using cashew nuts avoid using coriander powder in the gravy.
  • If you want a minty flavor replace the coriander leaves with the mint leaves while grinding.
  • While making the koftas make sure you use either the bread crumbs or the corn flour. Do not use both else the koftas will become hard.
  • If you are not worried about the calories use butter or ghee for making the gravy instead of oil.


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