Homemade Coriander Powder

After making red chilli powder it is time to make coriander powder which is also vastly used in indian cuisine. The flavor it emits is so good and it also acts as a thickening agent.

You’ll Need:
Coriander seeds – ½ kgs
Rock salt – ½ tsp

Make sure that you buy fresh coriander seeds. Upon buying them immediately dry it in the sun. When you keep the seeds for some time in the cover you can see them turning into a coarse powder in the bottom of the cover.

When you use this for grinding they spoil quickly. So use the seeds immediately and grind them after drying them in the sun or you can also microwave them if you are using lesser quantities. Before taking for grinding them in the mill add the rock salt.

The addition of rock salt is to prevent the freshness of the powder when stored for a long time and you won’t get any small bugs or insects when you store them for longer periods. Store in a dry container and use as required. Use a dry spoon.

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