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Tutti Fruti Mini Buns

I guess, I succeeded in fulfilling Arun’s long time wish by baking these cute mini buns which are available in his school canteen, of which he was very fond of. He even buys them for his brother. He was the one to unearth this recipe from Swetha’s blog. Before I delve deep, Hats off to Swetha, my partner for this week’s Blog Hop, for being such an adventurous foodie. I wonder if she has left out any cuisine from around the world. I spent a good quality time in familiarizing myself with unheard of recipes belonging to various cuisines and I felt that I had actually been handed over a menu card of a truly world class restaurant.

I just turned them into buns instead of baking into a full fledged bread and the reason for that is I’m still not confident that I could bake a bread and also I had run out of mini Aluminum take away containers that I usually keep stock . I started on this buns with 100% confident that I would fail miserably and thank God that did not happen. I started with very little quantity of flour that in the end even after rising they appeared more like cookies than buns Winking smile. I still don’t feel confident enough with the yeast rascal, Steaming madeven after my previous successful attempts in the form of these Paneer Crescents and Garlic Bread Rolls. Something in me always hesitates, making me shy away from trying out yeast breads………

The boys loved it very much. The soft buns with the chewy tutti fruti sprinkled liberally made it very interesting. Though we loved the texture and taste of these buns, the only disappointment both my kids and I felt was that the top did not brown at all I don't know smile. I thought of keeping it in the oven for some more time but I did do so for the fear of over baking them in the process. The bottom side was nicely browned though. I did brush the top with milk but they seem to make no difference.  I did not have any butter at hand to try it out. It also could be because I left out the egg from the original recipe. Next time I’m going to try it out with an egg and see what happens. This was the same case in my previous attempts too. I would welcome your valuable suggestions regarding this issue friends and what you did to improve the color at the top.

Tutti Fruti Mini Buns

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Makes 6

You’ll need:


Proofing the yeast: Warm some water and sugar to it. Stir well till the sugar dissolves. Now add the yeast, give it a good mix and let it rest for 5 – 10 min. It would have turned frothy by now.

Sieve together flour and salt. Add the yeast mixture, milk, tutti fruti, oil and knead into a dough. Rub oil over the dough and place it in a greased bowl and cover with a damp cloth. Let it stand for 1 hour to develop and raise.

Knead it again and make 6 balls from it and shape it into a bun. Place the balls on a greased plate. Brush oil over the balls and sprinkle some tutti fruti over them, if desired and let it rest for another 1/2 hour to raise again.

Preheat the oven @ 190 Deg C. Slide the tray into the oven and bake for 20 min. Your buns are ready.


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