Butter Murukku

Butter Murukku


Wondering about the surfacing of these murukkus almost 10 days after Diwali. Well ours started only last week end as what ever I made was packed and taken to my In-laws place. With Arjun just about recovering from fever and the Doctor’s advice to avoid any deep fried foods I had to wait till the festivities got over and for him to recover completely. As the boys had made me promise that I would make them again once I returned home, I made a fresh batch again last week to distribute to our friends and neighbors and of course for the boys too.



These are a melt in the mouth murukku that is also crispy at the same time. It is my FIL’s favorite and he looks forward to these crispy delights from me during every Diwali. You will not be getting any spiral shapes as you normally get for these ghee murukkus. It can also be a perfect tea time companion and are quite addictive once you start gorging on them.



Butter Murukku   (Print this recipe)

You’ll need:




Sieve together rice flour, besan and roasted gram flour. Add asafetida, cumin seeds and salt and mix well. Now add butter to this dry mixture and start to knead with your finger tips till it starts resembling bread crumbs.


Add water little by little and mix till everything comes together and knead into a soft dough. Prepare the murukku mould by greasing the insides with oil. I used the Star nozzle for this as you can see in the picture.




Heat oil in a deep bottomed kadai. Put a small ball from the dough to check the temperature of the oil. It the ball rises immediately the oil is ready. Place a large lump into the prepared mould and start pressing the dough directly into the hot oil.


Cook till the sizzling stops and the murukkus are fried to a golden brown. Remove on a kitchen paper and let it come to the room temperature. Store in an air tight container and enjoy at leisure.






This is off to Sravani’s CC: Festive food and to my event Winter Carnival.

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