Ghee Murukku

This murukku is a must during the Diwali in my household. These chakklis just melt in your mouth. It is like eating an ice cream. They also stay that way for a long time. Sometimes you get to taste very good things out of simple and few ingredients. This is one such thing.

Ghee Murukku / Chakkli


All Purpose Flour / Maida – 2 cups

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Ghee – 4 tbsp

Salt – to taste

Oil – for Deep frying


Take a white clean cloth and put the flour in it and tie it. Steam this in either Idli or pressure cooker for 20 -25 minutes. Take it out and let it cool. Untie the knot and put the flour in a plate and crumble it. Sieve the flour well without any lumps.

In a vessel mix the flour, cumin seeds, salt and melted ghee and by adding water knead it into dough. Cover the dough with a damp cloth. Take a large ball from the dough and with the help of murukku acchu with the star plate in place squeeze the dough into round shapes on a greased plastic sheet or a plantain leaf.

Heat the oil in a kadai. When hot reduce the flame to low. Now put the squeezed murukkus by one or two at a time in the oil and fry them till they are done. This must be done over a low flame to maintain the color and the crispiness.

The murukus are ready. Store them in an air tight container and enjoy to your heart’s content.

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