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kaaju katli

Happy Diwali Wishes to all my friends. May you all have a prosperous year ahead. Hope you all had a wonderful celebration. I celebrated it happily at my In-laws place and though the rain played a spoil sport, it is of  little importance to put a break on the overall festive and jubilant mood.  Now it is the back to the routine that makes me sad and we had to hurry back to the good old Chennai in the pouring rain to get on with our lives.


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And before I go ahead with the recipe, I think it is time to announce the winner of the Giveaway that I hosted to celebrate my 200th Post. The winner is Akaansha Banerjee. Congrats dear. Do send me your full contact details within 3 days failing which I will have to choose another winner.


And now to the recipe. This katli / burfi is one of the easiest sweets that could be made by even a beginner in cooking. This is family’s favorite and I love it because of its simplicity, beautiful shape, ease of making and for its mild sweetness.


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Kaaju Katli  (Printable Recipe)

You’ll need:

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Place the corn flour in the mixer jar and tap it all around the inside of the jar. Put the cashew nuts in the jar and grind it to a fine powder. Keep aside. Grease a plate with ghee and keep it ready.


Make sugar syrup by heating water in a pan with sugar. Let the sugar dissolve completely. Add the milk and wait for a few seconds. The scum will float on top. Pass the syrup through a sieve and once again start cooking the syrup till it reaches a one string consistency.


Add the powdered cashew nut powder and the ghee and mix well. Keep stirring it continuously and cook till all comes together into a ball. This will take less than 5 minutes.


Transfer the mixture to the greased plate and level it with a spatula. Let it cool to room temperature. Cut into diamond shapes or into any desired shape and enjoy.


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  • If you are like me who stores the cashew nuts in the fridge, use it only after thawing it to room temperature.
  • Make sure that the mixer jar is dry and completely free of moisture.
  • As the cashew nuts have a distinct flavor of its own, I did not use any cardamom powder but use it if you want.
  • After transferring to the greased plate, draw lines and cut it later to get perfect shapes.


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This is off to my  Diwali Special ~ Sweets & Savories, Pari’s Only Sweets & Desserts hosted by Gayathri and to Krithi & Denny’s Serve it ~ Festival Potluck.

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