Mango Nungu Pudding

Officially the “Agni Natchathiram” alias “Katthiri Veyil” has ended as of yesterday but the heat just refuses to abate. It is very hot still but then you cannot expect an immediate drop in the temperature, right.  It would be like expecting a miracle, but still let us hope so. And what a match. I feel very sad that the month long IPL affair has come to an end. The kids had a great time watching the matches which kept them engaged during the evenings.

Though I personally feel that the cricket fever had been an overdose after the world cup I can’t help but take part in cheering the home team, CSK on that lively and energy filled Saturday evening. I had made this pudding in the after noon itself to enjoy later during our match watching session. It was super duper good, cool and refreshing.


Mango Nungu Pudding

You’ll need:

Mango, ripe 2
Nungu / Ice Apple 10
Milk 500 ml
Custard powder, Vanilla Flavor 3 tbsp
Sugar 6 tbsp
Fresh Cream 3 tbsp


Remove the Skin of the mangoes and the nungu/ice apple and chop them roughly into small pieces. You can also mash it with your hands.

Take 1/4 cup of milk separately in a bowl and mix in the custard powder without any lumps. Heat the remaining milk and add sugar. Mix well and let the sugar dissolve completely.

Slowly pour the custard mixture in the milk and mix with a ladle over a low flame. You can see the thickening of the milk. Cook for another 2 mins till the custard turns glassy.


After the custard cools down well, place the chopped fruits in a bowl and pour the custard all over it. Pour the cream too, mix well. Serve chilled in individual glasses or bowls.

This is off to my event FUN N SUN.


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