I Love Baking #6

Yet another month to show and share your love for baking. Not sure what to bake and would like to get some ideas, not to worry, just check what the avid bakers have baked in the previous months and get, set, baking. Bake away and present your recipes to the linkies below. This is open to everyone and anyone who happens to love one thing and that is “Baking”.

Just a few notes before we go linking,
1. Your bake can either be sweet or savory. Please do link entries with meat and alcohol.
2. Make sure that your post is linked to this announcement.
3. The linkies will be open till 25 of this month.

I would be happy if you could also  link your entries and discuss your experience in the Facebook Page or rather a community that has been specifically created, as it would be of help to many enthusiastic bakers, newbie or experienced and would also have a greater reach.

1. Masala Bread Loaf
2. Carrot Cake with Olive Oil
3. Chicken Puffs
4. Baked Potato Kibbe with Zatar
5. Homestyle Jerk Chicken
6. Olive Oil Bread
7. Prune and Cashew Cupcakes
8. Eggless Chocolate cake
9. Mango Cake flavoured with Cardamom
10. Eggless Chocolate Cuppie Cakes
11. Wheat Jaggery Cake flavoured with Cardamom
12. Kladkakka-swedish gooey chocolate cake
13. Dried Fenugreek Leaves Focaccia
14. Heart n Nut Cookies
15. Moist banana and honey cake
16. Oven Roasted Peas
17. Chocolate Sponge Cake Rolls
18. Baked spring rolls
19. Kladdkakka
20. Baked Vegetable & Vermicelli Spring Roll
21. Eggless Mango Cake in Cooker
22. Eggless Butterscotch Cake in Cooker
23. Pav Bhaji with homemade dinner rolls
24. Blueberry Crisp
25. Braided Pizza Bread

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