Announcing Let’s Cook #17 ~ Breads

First my heart felt thanks for the all the friends and foodies who send in your tasty treats for last month’s Kids Special event. I had a great time reading through all your wonderful preparations. For this month’s theme I wanted to go the very basics – Breads. It happens to be the daily sustenance of any man all over the world. Though years back it was the basic bread now-a-days we have a lot of different breads in the market catering to the special needs and purposes of all people from all walks of life.


Let's Cook - Breads


Now to some rules to participate in this event:

  1. The bread can be an yeasted bread, quick bread, stuffed bread, Flat breads cooked over tawa. The choices are a plenty.
  2. Your post  should be linked to this announcement.
  3. Your bread can either be baked in an oven or cooked over the stove top and can belong to any cuisine.
  4. Only vegetarian recipes, eggs are allowed of course. Please avoid linking recipes with meat. 
  5. We are looking for fresh entries and to try out new recipes. So, no archived or reposed entries please. Your post has to be between July 1 and July 31, 2012.
  6. Multiple entries are welcome and linking back to this announcement is a must.
  7. Usage of logo is optional but I would be happy if you could use it, as it helps spread word.
  8. After posting your recipe just submit your entry to the linkies you will find at the bottom of this post.
  9. In case you have a problem linking, then send a mail to with your name, recipe name and recipe url with the subject line as Let's Cook: Breads.
  10. Non bloggers are most welcome to participate. Just send me the recipe with a click of the recipe if possible to the above mentioned email.

1. Instant Bread Malpua
2. Soya keema sandwich
3. Spinach and Corn Sandwich
4. Whole wheat dinner roll
5. Walnut and fig loaf
6. Banana Nut Bread
7. Finger Millet Flatbread
8. Masala Bread Loaf
9. Cream Chz & Almond Coffee Cake (Sweet Bread)
10. Old Fashioned Raisin Rolls - frozen wings
11. subway sandwich- Indianised
12. Bread Poha
13. Olive Oil Bread
14. Chilli Cheese Sandwich
15. Banana Pinwheels Sandwich
16. cheese and onion rolls
17. Bread Matra(yellow chekpeas) Sandwich
18. Sub Sandwich (Inspired by Subway)
19. Peas Potato Sandwich
20. Strawberry bread
21. Semolina Paratha
22. Egg-Sandwich
23. Aloo paratha
24. Crispy oven-baked zucchini
25. Whole Wheat Potato Bread
26. Stuffed Buns
27. Paneer Mooli Multigrain Paratha
28. Apple Sandwich
29. Aloo Methi Paneer Paratha
30. Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Bread
31. Apple Banana Sandwich
33. Beetroot Sandwich
34. Easy Cheese Toast
35. Eggless Cheese Mint Buns
36. Chana Daal Parantha
37. Rajma Parantha/ Kindney Bean Flat Bread
38. Whole Wheat Chapati Wrap
39. Lahsun Paratas (Garlic Paratas)
40. Surprise Roti
41. Pav Bhaji with homemade dinner rolls
42. Bundt Garlic- Parmesan Pull Apart Bread
43. Garlic Naan
44. Kaali Masoor Daal Parantha
45. Stuffed Coconut Bread
46. Braided Pizza Bread
47. Dou Miao/Pea shoots Paratha
48. Phulkas
49. Whole Wheat Garlic Bun Rolls
50. Almond and Tutti Frutti Quick Bread
51. Garlic Rolls
52. Motichoor Ladoo Parantha
53. Buttermilk Scallion Cheddar Buns
54. Whole Wheat Chapati Ladoo Wrap
55. Choco Fruit Sandwich

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