How to Clean Mushrooms or Button Mushrooms

I might have started cooking mushrooms only recently but have knowledge on how to clean and prepare them before cooking. There is a farm nearby to my SIL’s home where along with farming they produce mushrooms too.  Our place being in close proximity to Pondicherry they supply the fresh produce to many Resorts and Restaurants there. So my SIL is luckily enough to get farm fresh mushrooms round the year. She learned this cleaning tip from them and I from her. So here is a step wise cleaning procedure on cleaning the mushrooms. I do know there are many ways but I find this a simple and easy one to follow.


How to Clean Mushrooms / Button Mushrooms

You’ll need:
Mushrooms – 1 pkt
All purpose flour – 2 to 3 tbsp

1 2

Place the mushrooms in a bowl. Sprinkle the flour all over the mushrooms. Close with a lid and toss well so that all the mushrooms are coated well with flour.

3 4

Place the mushroom upside down on a plate like shown above. Start peeling the upper thin layer from the bottom side of the mushroom to the center.

5 6

Go ahead peeling all around the mushroom till it is fully peeled and cleaned.

7 8

After peeling rinse the mushrooms with plenty of water. Pat dry and use as required. Do you see how pearl white and clean they look.

My FB friends were kind enough to clarify that the mushrooms should be stored in the fridge after buying them from shop and should be used within 3-4 days of purchase even when stored in Fridge. Follow this above procedure before cooking.


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