Eggless Fruit Cake

Eggless Fruit Cake

I baked this cake for my friend who celebrated her birthday a fortnight ago. She had been asking for an eggless version of the Christmas Fruit cake that I had baked as she happens to be a vegetarian and does not eat eggs. As TH had gifted me a brand new bread pan which I kept on forgetting to get in the past, for the New Year, I decided to put the bread pan to test and oh boy! it came out so perfect. As I had to gift wrap and deliver the cake to her I had not shown the cake cut into slices but it tasted damn good and everyone loved it. Do give it a try in any usual bake ware you use at home. 



The honey added to this cake imparts a wonderful color as you can see for yourself. I adapted this cake from the cook book that came along with the Oven while I bought it. I normally do not eat the cakes made by me if it has eggs in them, except for a teeny weeny bit to check the crumb and sweetness. The cakes get cleaned over by the boys at home. Hence, I enjoyed baking and sharing this wonderful egg less cake with my friend. This sure is a definite keeper and perfect to have along with the evening tea.


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Eggless Fruit Cake

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You’ll need:



Pre heat the oven @ 180 Deg C. Grease and dust a baking tray with flour tapping out the excess and keep it ready.


* I used chopped pitted black dates, golden raisins, black currants, glazed cherries, tutti frutti and cashew nuts. Place the dry fruits and nuts in a cup and sprinkle flour all over it and toss well so that they are completely coated well. This is to prevent from sinking to the bottom of the cake.


Sieve together flour, baking soda, baking powder and keep aside. Beat butter and sugar well. Now add the yogurt / curd, milk, honey and beat once more. Add the sieved flour little by little over the liquid ingredients. Switch to a spatula and mix it gently taking care not to over do it.


Finally add the floured dry fruits mixture and give it a final mix. Pour the batter into greased tray and bake for 30-35 min @ 180 Deg. C or till a toothpick inserted comes out clean.


Cool the cake on the wire rack for 10 min. Slice it up and serve with tea or coffee.



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