Announcing Blog Hop Wednesdays Version 2.0

Hello Friends, I’m sure many of you are aware of the Blog Hop Wednesdays going on this space. A heart felt thanks to all the Blog Hoppers who have travelled with me so far in this journey without whom this venture would not have been possible at all and also for supporting and encouraging me so whole heartedly. I enjoyed the ride very much and so far it has been a learning experience for me. Going through a blog completely has given great insights on the amazing write ups, the photography and presentation skills, their take on food in general and the innovativeness and spontaneity with which they approach a recipe. It gave me enough courage to venture into untraveled  paths. It has made me a changed person and has changed my perspective too in a good way though.

With the New Year upon us I felt that there should be a make over for this event. You heard it right. The current bi-monthly event is being made into a monthly event without changing the basic concept of the event. The event will go on floors on Every Second Wednesday of the month.

Now to some Rules:
  1. The participating bloggers will be paired randomly every month.
  2. You have to visit the blog assigned to you. Choose a recipe of your choice, cook it, click it, and post it in your space on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and link it to the linkies which will be open in my space.
  3. Your choice of recipe must be from the blog assigned to you.
  4. Though the choice of recipe is yours and you can change the method of cooking and adjust the recipe to suit you and your family’s palate but you have to stick to the basic recipe.
  5. The linkies will be open from 5 a.m (Indian Time) on Every 2nd Wednesday and will continue to remain open for 2 days ie., till 5 a.m (Indian Time) Friday.
  6. You cannot miss a single hop. You give up your right to continue if you miss one. 
  7. An announcement for the next month pairing will be made in the Google Group on every 3rd Wednesday, there by giving 3 weeks of time to prepare and schedule.
Now to the Regulations:
  1. Your post must have the name and url of your Partner and the link of the recipe chosen by you.
  2. Your post should be in accordance to the recipe chosen by you.
  3. The write up of the post should be in your own words.
  4. Linking back to the announcement, the blog hoppers page and the logo is mandatory.
  5. You can link your post to other events.
Now, to participate in the event all you have to do is fill out the form given below and wait for the invitation to the group. The pairings for the month of January will be announced on 21 December, 2011.

Submissions are accepted till 16 January, 2012.