Announcing Let’s Cook Series #9 ~ Mughlai Cuisine

Hi friends, Hope you all celebrated Diwali with high spirits last month. I’m sure that you all would have enjoyed sweets and savories during the festivities. Let us not stop with that but why not continue for this month as well. You heard it right. For this  month’s series I have chosen “Mughlai Cuisine” known for its rich preparation.


On googling to know more about this particular cuisine I came across these interesting facts and here is an excerpt for you all to understand more about the royals who once ruled us.


“In the 16th century, India was invaded by Mughals, who introduced the exotic spices, nuts and fruits to India. Mughlai cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines, with a strong influence of Muslim cooking style. Mughlai cuisine consists of the dishes that were prepared in the kitchens of the royal Mughal Emperors. Indian cuisine is predominantly influenced by the cooking style practiced during the Mughal era that it now occupies a commanding position in the popular cuisines of India. The Mughals have truly left a long lasting influence on India not only with their remarkable architecture but also in terms of food.


Mughlai food is quite spicy and has a very unique aroma. On eating Mughlai food, one can get a feel of the ground spices. The rich preparation of Mughlai food consisting of flavored sauces and butter based curries is so tempting that food lovers are bound to crave for more and more. In the preparation of most of the Mughlai dishes, milk and cream is used liberally. Mughlai Biriyanies, Pasandas, Kormas and Pulao are so enticing and yummy that people usually end up licking their fingers.


Mughlai food offers an amazingly delicious variety of food ranging from hot spicy shorba or soup to ginger based roasted meats to kulfi with rose petals sprinkled on it. Even, the names of the Mughlai food such as “biryani, pulao, kebabs, kofta” are so attractive that a person gets tempted to try out different dishes.


Here is a small menu card for your perusal “ Mughlai Paratha, Badshahi Biryani, Malai Kofta, Navratan Korma, Shami Kabab, Shahi Paneer, Shahi Kaju Aloo, Pasanda, Shahi Rogan Josh, Mughlai Murg Kabab, Shahjehani Murg Masala, Kesar Chawal , Badaam Halwa, Naan (Indian Bread), Palak Gosht, Palak Paneer, Paneer Tamatari , Seekh Kebabs”  and Desserts like Sha'hi Tukrs, Barfi, Gulab Jamoon, Kalakand, Kulfi, Falooda, Sheer Korma” etc.,”


My mouth is just watering just reading those names and just imagine how yummy it would be to cook and taste it and also serve it to our family.



Now to some rules to participate in this event:

1. Cook and post a recipe in your blog that relates to the topic “Mughlai Cuisine”. You can also refer the recipes given in this post.

2. Your recipe can belong to any category.

2. You can use any method of cooking.
3. Vegetarian recipes only. Eggs are allowed of course.
4. We are looking for fresh entries and learn new recipes in the process hence, no archived or reposed entries please. The post has to be between November 1 and November  30, 2011.
5. Multiple entries are welcome. Linking back to the announcement is a must.
6. Usage of logo is mandatory as it helps to spread word.
7. After posting your recipe mail me to with the following details.,

8. Non bloggers can also participate. Just send me the recipe with a click of the recipe if possible to the above mentioned email.

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