Eggless Oats Almond Cookies

It is that day of the month ~ Blog Hop Wednesdays and I happily hopped off to Deepali’s Space. As I wanted to try out more baked goods I had no difficulty at all in choosing a recipe. It is definitely cookie time for me. Ever since I baked these Oats Cookies, I had wanted to try out an eggless version and this recipe was just perfect.
Eggless Oats Almond cookies

I admire bloggers when they post recipes of the cooking sessions that they attend and this recipe is one such among a few which Deepali had shared. It also provides person who have no such opportunity to understand different techniques. Recently Sharadha and PJ had also blogged about their experiences in attending such a cookery session. I felt very happy on reading their experiences and felt pleased that they did not keep it to themselves but share it with the whole world and budding cooks.


I decided to experiment a whole lot with this recipe. You can find the original version here. Replaced semolina with the badam drink mix that I had left out in a jar and avoided the baking powder. Used both the flours instead of just All purpose flour. I just don’t understand why it got cracks. Does it mean it had baked well, I wonder.


Eggless Oats Almond Cookies

You’ll need:

All Purpose Flour 1/2 cup
Whole wheat Flour 1/2 cup
Oats 1/2 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Brown sugar 1/2 cup
Vanaspati / Butter 100 gms
Badam Drink Mix 4 tbsp
Baking Soda 1/2 tsp
Sweet Almond essence 1 tsp
Chocolate chips 1 handful
See that. It is a mixture of dry ingredients. Sieve together all purpose flour, whole wheat flour and baking soda. To this mix coarsely powdered oats, badam (almond) drinks mix. I also added a handful of left over chocolate chips to this mixture.
Now some exercise for your arms. Cream together vanaspati/butter and powdered sugar till becomes soft.
Now goes in the brown sugar and almond essence and cream together again. Your wet ingredient is ready.
Now add the dry ingredients little by little to the wet ingredients and mix with a spatula slowly. It would first be dry then with little mixing it would start to look like bread crumbs. Now use your hands and crumble the whole mixture well.
Now make balls of the crumbly cookie mixture loosely. It would be very easy to form the balls actually. Applying little pressure flatten the balls between your palms and place it on a greased tray.
Preheat the oven @ 190 deg C. Bake for 20 mins. After 10 mins I saw cracks appearing on the top so I switched off the oven and set the temperature to 180 deg C and baked for the remaining 10 mins.
Verdict: These are the most wonderful cookies that I baked so far. It just smelled heavenly. The yellow specks you see on top is the badam drink mix powder that I used. I must say that my experiment came out very well and this is one keeper recipe which I’m going to bake again and again. Thank you Deepali for sharing this cookie recipe.
You can avoid using chocolate chips. Makes no big difference.
Oven timings may differ so use your judgement while baking.
This is off to the Blog Hop Wednesdays and do take a moment to check what the other blog hoppers had cooked.Blog Hop

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