Announcing Let’s Cook Series #7 ~ Scrumptious Breakfasts

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. We all know how much eating breakfast is important in the morning and know the health related problems we may face when we often skip breakfasts on a regular basis.
Let’s Cook ~ Scrumptious Breakfasts

I had never been a breakfast person. But now I have changed a lot and my eating habits  had undergone a massive change as my children started questioning why I insist them on taking breakfast whereas I myself give it a skip. As I have to practice what I preach I had started to mend my ways. So for this month’s series let’s cook some scrumptious breakfasts be it either simple or grand with much fanfare.

Some Guidelines.
1. You can cook and link any recipe that relates to the topic “Breakfasts”. It could be a smoothie, porridge, fruit juice, sandwich, muffins or the usual idli or dosa with a twist.
2. You can use any method of cooking.
3. Vegetarian recipes only. Eggs are allowed of course.
4. We are looking for new entries and learn new recipes hence, no archived or reposed entries please. The post has to be between Aug 15 and Sep 15, 2011.
5. Multiple entries are welcome. Linking back to the announcement is a must.
6. Usage of logo is mandatory.
7. After posting your recipe just link your entries to the linky tools and I shall be posting the roundup after a week.
8. Last date to link your entries is September 15,2011. Incase you face any issues while linking do mail me to or leave a comment.

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