Announcing Let’s Cook Series | A revamp to CBB Series

You read it right. This series will be a revamped event series in place of CBB Series ~ Celebrating Bloggers and Blogging with a new logo and  a promise of some exciting twists and turns in the future. 

Ever since my kids started taking an active part in blogging I sometimes feel that the space is not mine anymore and that been taken over by them.  Arjun had been pestering me for months now to get the logo of this event changed as he is not happy with the white color. Arun was not happy with the name, stating it was too long. So I decided to keep it simple and short.

Arun had a great time with Picassa during the holidays and spent a lot of time checking out all the features and he even managed to get the logo of the series done for me and Arjun was also very happy with it.

As the schools have reopened for the kids I’m sure we would all be very busy and planning the menu for the kids. So I thought why not have this month’s theme based on that idea. So this month’s theme will be,
  Let’s Cook : Break-Time Snacks.

Though the guide for the event are same, let me again take you thru them.

1. Cook and post any recipe in concurrence with the current month’s theme in your blog before 15th of July,2011.

2. You can use any method of cooking.

3. Only Vegetarian recipes. Eggs are allowed of course.

4. No archived or reposted entries. The post should be between 15th of June, 2011 and 15th of July, 2011.

5. Multiple entries are welcome.

6. After posting and linking your post back to this announcement mail me to with the following details
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:
Picture of your recipe.

7. I would feel happy if you could include the logo while posting as it ensures greater reach.

I would like to thank all the bloggers who participated so far in this series and hope that you like this month's theme.

So what are we waiting for, don your aprons and let’s cook.

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