When I was at IFBM 2014

Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park
Indian Food Bloggers Meet – A meet by the bloggers, for the bloggers and to the bloggers that I had the fortune to attend. Without any second thoughts, I can say that Indian Food Bloggers Meet is the best thing that could have happened in life to me as a blogger. The blogs that I admired all along stopped being just blogs and took the form of person.

Its not a small feat to bring together 40+ bloggers under one roof, scheduling the sessions, managing the sponsors, taking care of food and the organizers, Aparna, Arundati, Revathi and Nanditha did it with simplistic style and confidence. Hats off for their sustained effort that the meet was recognized in the media.

The Reception  Pic Courtesy: IFBM
And this where the venue for the meet, Aloft Bangaluru Cessna Business Park became the shining star for the whole meet. Can you see the glass wall from ground to ceiling? ya its every food bloggers dream come true, with so much of natural sunlight streaming in, we the bloggers went all clicky….. How I wish I had this setup at home as well?

And did you see the Cessna in the first picture that was stuck to the ceiling which took some 5 months it seems for the whole installation. The hotel has been designed in such a way keeping in mind the 5 elements of earth helped with the renowned art director, Thotta Tharani.

Usually I skip using elevators, but here I felt like a kid riding the elevator for the conference room that was on the first floor. The elevator was so beautiful filled with electric blue light with the floor so unique that I have never seen anywhere. It was like you are stepping on a big kaleidoscope of sorts only here the color was blue with beautiful artistic designs.

Honey I love You The first day of the meet kick started amidst introductions all around, hugs, smiles and laughs. The tea time and lunch was theme oriented and the people at the Aloft pulled out all stops to make it a hit. The Honey themed tea time on the first day of the meet was something I would remember for a long time. And for lunch we were served authentic Mumbai Street food that was replete with the whole set up. Anyone could see the amount of thought process that went into it.

The Bee Hive
We all were dessert-ed if there’s such a word. Brilliantly made and artistically presented that we the food bloggers could learn a lot from them about food styling.

My Dessert PlatterTea was followed by Aparna’s session on better food photography, “From your kitchen to your blog” during which we all picked up a lot of tips and tricks. I really wish that we had a some extra question hour which followed the session,  but our time keeper, “Arundhati” made sure that we proceeded to the next session.

Chef Jolly
And that was followed by KitchenAid Master class by ‘Chef Surjan Singh Jolly’ from JW Marriot which was very much interactive and the Chef with his outgoing vibrant personality kept us all engrossed.

Yaay I won
And the best moment of the meet came when my name was called out as a winning entry for the KitchenAid chopper for my entry Eggless Plums Oatmeal Crumble Bar. I still could not believe it. Thank you for the Anjali for the Photo.

My KitchenAid Chopper
We also had sessions on harnessing the social media by Nanditha and I got to taste my first sip of wine during the wine appreciation demo by Aneesh Bhasin followed tea and Cookbook launch by Husna Rahaman and that was the wrap of the first day of the meet.

The second day was kick started by Ashish verma sharing his secrets of SEO, followed by good food writing session with Rushina. We also learned how to publish our cook books which was very well explained by Aparna Jain of Partridge Publishing and to round it all up there was a panel discussion discussing about going beyond blogging with bloggers Sanjeeta, Harini, Rushina, Ruchira and Ranjini sharing their experiences.

Prop Heaven
The food during the 2 days of the meet was carefully crafted and served by Chef Sameer and his team. He also taught us a Masterclass on Day 2 during which he demonstrated us how to make Potato Rosti and Fish En Papillote.

Panacotta On Day 2, the food was served in the restaurant on the ground floor aptly named “The Nook” which was luxurious yet relaxed with comfy chairs and trust me, more than the food what attracted me about the resto was the cutlery and serve ware. Gosh! it is a food bloggers haven with such delightful props and the food was simply outstanding served beautifully that one would not have the heart to eat it. I’m so in love with their Watermelon Juice, darn I’m still unable to get it out of my head.

The Goodies The goodie bag consisted of paper boat drinks, chips and sauces from Cremica, ready to eat assorted packs from Vegit, scrumptious cupcakes from Biteme, brownies from Cookieman India, spiced honey from Foodtribe, a lovely box of assorted spice powders, a well put together goodie bag from Tupperware, ready made breakfast mix from soulfull, coffee from Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, gourmet assorted tea from Sublime, New concise Larousse Gastronomiqe by Jamie Oliver sponsored by India Food Network that is a must for all the persons who  love to cook and much more that I have not put here.

Say Cheese
A lovely group photo to mark the gathering of food bloggers of the first meet in front of the Aloft Hotel which I shall cherish forever. We all parted with the promise that we shall all meet together for the next year as well and thank you Aloft for giving us such wonderful memories for years to come that will stay evergreen in my mind forever.