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Strawberry Virgin Mojito Recipe
A dazzling and refreshing non alcoholic virgin strawberry and mint virgin mojito that just screams summer from the roof tops. It is so apt to serve for small gatherings or for large pool parties when the sun is beating down unscrupulously. I have whipped up this Mojito as a part of a contest hosted by Indian Food Bloggers meet that I attended previously this month.

Being a Tata Product, I loved using their Sparkling Himalayan with their tag line “Live Natural” and sparkle everyday, I hope to do exactly that. I have adapted this recipe from Shatbhi Basu’s Peach Mojito and instead of using peach and apricot crush in the recipe I used my homemade strawberry crush which was waiting to be emptied.

Strawberry Virgin Mojito Recipe
I always make this crush whenever I get my hands on fresh strawberries as I can make it last longer as the fruits deteriorate much sooner. The concept of using a deep freezer to preserve food sounds alien to me and is yet to catch in a tropical country like India where everything is available fresh, well almost… all around the year.

After my previous refrigerator conked, I bought a new one and while I was shifting all the bottles from the old to the new, found this bottle of crush pushed behind and made a note of it to use sooner. Just a few tablespoons were remaining and it was just perfect for making this rich ruby red mojito.

Strawberry Virgin Mojito Recipe

Prep time: 5 mins  |  Cook time: Nil  |  Serves: 1 Glass
Recipe Cuisine: Contnental  |  Recipe Category: Drinks / Beverages

Strawberry Virgin Mojito Recipe


  • Strawberry Crush – 4 tbsp
  • lemon wedges – 4
  • Mint Leaves – 10
  • Sparkling Himalayan- As needed
  • Ice cubes – to serve


  1. Take a tall glass and add the lemon wedges. Muddle lightly to release the flavor and essential oils from the lemon.
  2. Crush the mint leaves between your palm and add it to the glass. Muddle once again.
  3. Fill the glass to the top with ice cubes and top with strawberry crush.
  4. Top it with sparkling Himalayan water and mix using a stirrer.
  5. Serve immediately after garnishing the glass with a lemon ring and a mint sprig.
Non Alcoholic Strawberry Virgin Mojito Recipe


  1. Instead of Sparkling Himalayan Water, you can also use club soda.
  2. The quantity of crush and water or soda needed will depend on the size of the glass you choose to serve.
  3. Instead of strawberry, you can use any other fruit crush also.
Use the Stirrer to prod and bruise the lemon wedges along with the mint leaves and sip away to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

oh my!!! all I can think of is lying on a beach under a shaded umbrella and sipping away this mojito while reading a book. Now, does that sound super cool and exotic enough for you.

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