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 Eggless Cake Recipes
Ever had a cake for breakfast!!! Well if not, this will make a perfect Breakfast cake for you. This is such an easy peasy savory cake that’s adapted from Anjum Anand’s “Indian Food Made Easy” which I happened to borrow from the local library a few years back.  That was the first time I chanced upon a savory cake that had vegetables in it and the recipe intrigued me. Despite making a note of it, I never got around to bake it till now. You can consider this as the baked version of Handvo, which happens to a popular breakfast recipe of Gujarat.

We, the Avant Garde Cookies had chosen to rustle up dishes from Gujarati cuisine and I had to postpone posting this recipe as my laptop was down though I had baked this cake and had it ready. A cake that will be fitting whether had as a Breakfast or as a tea time cake.

Eggless Savory Semolina Cake of Gujarati Cuisine
Eggless Savory Semolina Cake
Prep time: 10 mins | Bake time: 30 mins | Makes: 1 loaf


1. Chop the beans into 1 inch pieces. Deseed the green chili and chop it finely.
2. Take the semolina in a mixing bowl. Add the fresh yogurt and mix well.

3. Add grated ginger, carrots, beans, peas, salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder and give it a mix. The mixture will be very thick.
4. Heat a pan with oil for tempering. Add mustard seeds and when they pop, add the cumin seeds and let it sizzle.

5. Pour the tempering over the mixture and mix well.

6. Preheat the oven at 180 C (350 F) and grease a loaf tin with oil and keep it ready.

7. Finally add the baking soda to the batter and mix well and immediately transfer the batter to the baking tin and sprinkle the white sesame seeds on top. Bake for 30 minutes or till a skewer inserted comes out clean.

8. Unmold over a wire rack and let it cool for 5 minutes. Slice and serve hot.

Savory Cake with Vegetables

1. You can also add other vegetables like capsicum (bell peppers), Zucchini and cabbage.

2. The baking soda helps the cake to rise. So add it in the end and immediately bake. You can also add fruit salt in the place of baking soda but use any one and not both.

3. You can skip the green chili if baking especially for the kids.

4. If you feel that the cake batter is too thick just add 2 tbsp of yogurt or water.

5. Make sure that the yogurt/curd is fresh and not sour as it will change the taste of the cake.

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