Chocolate Almond Bark Recipe

Chocolate Almond Bark
The most easiest chocolate dessert that you can ever make and all it takes is just 2 ingredients and 10 minutes of your time to rustle up this quick chocolate dessert, which will be loved by kids and adults alike. The chocolate dipped almonds which I made along with these chocolate almond bark are so good to eat and will make a perfect Petit Fours for any type of party. When I was looking out for easy Easter recipes, candies seemed a norm and this easy chocolate almond bark seemed a perfect idea.

Easy chocolate recipe for kids.
Chocolate Almond Bark
Cook time: 10 mins | Rest time: 30 mins




1. Roast the almonds either in a microwave or over stove top. I microwaved at high for 1 minute and left it inside for another minute after switching it off.

2. Roughly chop the chocolate. Simmer 1 cup of water in a shallow pan. Place the chocolate in another bowl that will snugly fit into the shallow pan (Double boiling method) and keep stirring it till the chocolate melts and becomes smooth. You can also do this in a microwave.

3. Keep a parchment / wax sheet ready and scrape off the melted chocolate directly onto the sheet. With a slotted spatula or a knife spread the chocolate evenly over the sheet. 

4. Place the almonds over the chocolate leaving enough space between them and immediately sprinkle the colored sprinkles or silver balls immediately.

5. Lift the sheet and place it on a dinner plate and place the plate in the Refrigerator. Let it for 20-30 minutes till the chocolate hardens.

6. Break the chocolate into bite sized slabs. Store them one above the other with a piece of wax paper in between them to prevent the barks from sticking together.

7. I had some left over almonds left over and just mixed it along with the remaining chocolate and turned them out into Chocolate dipped almonds, which were also so good.

8. Keep it refrigerated and enjoy as you wish.

Chocolate Petit Fours for Party


1. Always keep under refrigeration, as chocolate tends to melt at room temperature.
2. Instead of almonds, you can also use M&M’s and mini Easter eggs.

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