Chocolate Fudge / Condensed Milk Fudge


Hope you all had a blessed Christmas friends... Last week was quite crazy at my end. With the exams getting over for the kids and packing for our trip to drop them off at their grandparents home and me making some goodies to be taken there and some to be delivered to our friends before starting, I was super busy without finding any time to sit and draft the posts. Apart from a coffee cake which I shall post later, I made this chocolate fudge to be taken on our trip. I love making anything with chocolate and condensed milk. I’m not a person who clean up as I go about my cooking and let all the vessels pile up to be cleaned at the end. But when I make anything with chocolate the cleaning up work gets very easy and you all know the reason.

I made large batches of these fudge to fill 4 containers as shown above and have shown here just a few pieces. I greased the foiled take away containers and poured the fudge directly into it and let it set as it will be easy to pack and carry. You can also line any container with parchment paper and let the fudge set.


Chocolate Fudge

Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: 15 mins | Set time: 3 hours





1. In a heavy bottomed pan heat together condensed milk, salt and dark chocolate. Stir with a wooden spatula for them to mix well.

2. Cook over very low flame/heat till they begin to boil and start bubbling. Keep stirring with rotating movements. At this stage you can drop the butter into it, if using.

3. When the mixture starts to thicken and starts to form a lump in the middle of the pan, separating from around the edges, take off from the stove.

4. Add chopped nuts, vanilla essence and give it a good mix.

5. Line a square pan with parchment paper and pour the mixture into it and tap the pan on the counter to get rid of any air bubbles and even out the surface.

6. Keep the pan in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours and cut them into pieces with a sharp knife and serve. Store in an air tight container and it best to keep it refrigerated.



1. You can use any nuts of your choice.

2. I have used dark chocolate here, but feel free to use milk chocolate also. If you do not want to waste time grating chocolate you can use chocolate chips instead or microwave the chocolate till it melts and add to the condensed milk.

3. You can skip the salt but it enhances the sweetness of the fudge.

4. If the left over in the pan have hardened, just add hot milk and keep swirling the pan. All the hardened left over fudge sticking to the pan will melt and you can use the milk as per your wish and the pan can be easily cleaned now.


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