Kozhukattai / Modakam / How to make Kozhukkatai – Step by Step

Oats Poornam Kozhukattai
Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India by the Hindus every year and we make many varieties of kozhukkattais (stuffed dumplings) to offer Lord Ganesha as it happens to be his most favorite prasad.  I have used Oats along with the grated coconut for the stuffing and since this is the first time I’m experimenting with oats I must say that it came out very well and no one could tell the difference. For anyone new to this, well you can call it Sweetened Indian Momos.

I used to get so excited about the clay idol that we buy on the festival day and do abhishegam to it and decorate it with flowers and a cute little umbrella. As a kid I used to feel so sad to part with it when we have to drop the idol in the well or any water source. Make sure you do not buy painted clay idol this year as it will lead to water pollution.  Isn’t the little Ganesha cute? That is from my bike key chain.

Off to the recipe now...

Add rice flour to hot water and Cook it well.

You should be able to make a ball and the dough should be lump free.

Dry roast oats and make the jaggery syrup.

Add grated coconut and cook and then add roasted oats.

Add flavoring agents, mix well, take off fire, let it cool and make into small balls. Make a ball from the dough and shape into modaks.

Steam the modaks in an idli plate. Serve hot.

Oats Poornam Kozhukattai
Kozhukkatai / Modak

Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 25 Minutes
Total Time: 45 Minutes

For the Stuffing / Poornam


1. Heat water in a vessel. When it comes to a bubbling boil add salt and oil. Now add all the rice flour in one go and immediately mix well with a spatula.

2. Keep mixing till the mixture starts to thicken and turns glassy. Pinch a small ball and you should be able to make a ball.

3. Transfer the dough onto a greased plate and when warm enough to handle just give a quick knead to get rid of any small lumps. Keep the dough wrapped in a damp towel to prevent from getting dry and cracked.

For the Stuffing / Poornam

1. Dry roast oats in a pan till you get a nice aroma and keep it aside.

2. Heat water in a pan. Add jaggery and let it dissolve completely. Pass through a sieve to filter the impurities. Wash the pan and return the syrup to the same pan.

2. Let it come to a bubbling boil. Add grated coconut and let it cook and thicken a bit. Keep stirring. It should take 4-5 minutes.

3. Now add roasted oats, 1 tsp ghee, cardamom powder and mi x well. Keep cooking over low flame and you can see the mixture thickening.

4. While the mixture is still loose take off fire and let it cool. It will thicken upon cooling. Grease your fingers with ghee and make small balls and keep it aside.

To Make Kozhukkatais:

1. Grease your finger tips with oil or ghee. Take big lemon sized ball from the dough and make into a small cup with your finger tips.

2. Place the poornam ball in the middle and bring the sides above the poornam. Shape them into modaks or into crescents and press the sides gently and firmly.

3. Grease an idli plate with oil / ghee and place the kozhukkatais and steam cook for 10 minutes.

4. Remove and serve.


This is for the Avant Garde Cookies Group as we have taken it upon ourselves to please the Lord Ganesha for the first week with our prasadhams. Check out Anusha, Jayanthi,Kavi, Priya, Priya MahadevanRoshni and Veena.

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