Announcing Let’s Cook # 16 ~ Kids Special

Hello friends, Hope you all enjoyed your summer holidays. With the holidays about to get over and the schools reopening just around the corner, I’m sure you must be getting geared up along with the kids. While some may be enthusiastic to go to school some may feel reluctant to leave behind the joy of holidays and fall into a routine. Be it the enthusiast or the reluctant one, as a mother it becomes our responsibility to make sure they enjoy, be it the holidays or the school.  In the other parts of the world though the holidays are only just beginning. So for this month come, let’s all cook for the kids and make them fall in love with food.

Let's Cook - Kids Special

Now to some rules to participate in this event:
  1. Cook and post a recipe that kids would love to gorge in your blog linking it to this announcement.
  2. You can use any method of cooking and your recipe can be of any cuisine and course.
  3. Only vegetarian recipes, eggs are allowed of course. Please avoid linking recipes with meat and alcohol.
  4. We are looking for fresh entries and to try out new recipes. So, no archived or reposed entries please. Your post has to be between June 1 and June 30, 2012.
  5. Multiple entries are welcome and linking back to this announcement is a must.
  6. Usage of logo is optional but I would be happy if you could use it, as it helps spread word.
  7. After posting your recipe just submit your entry to the linkies you will find at the bottom of this post.
  8. In case you have a problem linking, then send a mail to with your name, recipe name and recipe url with the subject line as Let's Cook: Kids Special.
  9. Non bloggers are most welcome to participate. Just send me the recipe with a click of the recipe if possible to the above mentioned email.

1. Pumpkin Bread
2. Fruits Custard
3. Mango Popsicle
4. Oven Baked Veg Samosa
5. Pineapple Juice With Ginger
6. Mango Cupcakes with real fruits Frosting.
7. Cabbage Fried rice
8. Mani Kozhukattai
9. JackFruit Milkshake
10. Eggless Strawberry Ice Cream
11. Vegetable Macaroni
12. White Sauce Pasta
13. Gulab jamun ice cream
14. Strawberry Banana Smoothie
15. Eggless Blueberry Muffin / Cake
16. Masala Toast
17. Aam Panna Mocktail
18. Watermelon mint Granita
19. Baby Pizzas
20. Mango Jam
21. Strawberry mint shooter
22. Easy Bake Brownies
23. Capsicum Omelette
24. Rainbow Paratha
25. Carrot Rice Steam Cake
26. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
27. PJs Crisp Paneer Fingers
28. Chikoo Dates Smoothie
29. Crispy Vegetable Pakoda
30. Choco Cake
31. Baked Stuffed Tomatoes
32. PJs Onion Podi Idli
33. Bread Bajji
34. Mangalore Bonda/Goli Bhajji
35. Watermelon Cooler. . . Thanda Thanda Cool Cool
36. Paneer Tikka from the Oven
37. Dipped egg bread
38. Stuffed Banana
39. Paal Kozhukkatta(Modak in Milk)
40. Raw mango Sarbath
41. Unniyappam
42. homemade pizza
46. Open potato cheese sandwhich
47. Vegetable Sandwich
48. Idli chutney
49. Nankatai
50. Phulourie
51. Paneer Balls
52. Mango Julius
53. Rajma Cheese Stuffed Parathas
54. Caramelised Banana Cake
55. Chole Bhature
56. Coriander Luchi and Khatta Mitha Aloo
57. Ceylon Channa Parotta
58. Mango Icecream
59. Tea Time Cake
60. Quinoa & Maggi Noodles cutlets/Burgers
61. Cauliflower Fritters
62. Cornflakes Bar
63. Onion Pakoras
64. Rawa idlis
66. Rava Ladoo
67. Mango Crepes with Coconut sauce
68. Medu Vada
69. Strawberry &Cherry Tart
70. Roasted Chickpeas
71. Cookies and Cream
72. Cookies and Cream
73. Banana Cardamom Cake & Blueberry Frosting
74. Pumpkin Canneloni
75. Cornflakes cookies
76. Burger and Fries Its dessert time dad
77. Chocolate Cheese Cake
78. Multigrain Bread Pudding
79. Cup cakes- Jungle theme
81. Andhra Special Pesarattu
82. Homemade Almond Butter
83. Walnuts Sunnundalu/ walnuts urad dal ladoo
84. Spiced up peanut butter fruit salad
85. 2 mins Ragi Chocolate Mug Cake
86. Shahi Tukda
87. Double Chocolate Walnut muffins/cupcakes
88. Cherry Chocolate-Chip Scones
89. Carrot Cheddar Cheese Cookies
90. Cheesy Linguine Pasta
91. Carrot Pineapple Cake
92. Hot, Sweet & Sour Vegetables
93. Beetroot Carrot Aloo Paratha
94. Honey Cupcake
95. banana bajji
96. Eddada or Safed Dhokla
97. Couscous Peas Tikki
98. Akoori and Toast
99. Paneer and Potato Sandwich
100. Pepper and Cumin Flavoured Macaroni
101. Mixed Veggi Ponganalu
102. Marble cupcakes
103. Nan Khatai
104. Eggless Mango Cake
105. Rasgulla
106. Very Berry Milkshake
107. Gluten Free Banana Pancakes
108. Onion Samosa
109. Carrot Mug Cake
110. Murungai Keerai Masal Vadai
111. Chola Paniyaram/Corn Paniyaram
112. Hara Bhara Kabab/Spinach Peas Potato Patties
113. Vegan Pumpkin Almond Oatmeal Cookies
114. Fruit Shake with Dates
115. Eggless golden cake
116. Paneer Stuffed Tomatoes
117. Malai Kulfi
118. Strawberried Crunch Cookies!!
119. Semolina Coconut Balls
120. Mango Kesari
121. Dueling Potato Pancakes- Sweet vs Savory
122. Vegan Pumpkin Bread
123. Paneer Pudding
124. Tawa Fried Paneer
125. Cheesy Potatoes
126. Breakfast Muffins
127. Kobi Na Muthia
128. Eggless Mango Cake / Bread
129. Steamed Mixed Dal Wada
130. Chocolate Picnic Cake
131. Broccoli Paniyaram
132. Blueberry banana smoothie
133. Strawberry milkshake

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