Rose Milk ~ Pink Beauty

Rose Milk

Hello friends, Hope you are all doing well. A week long absence from my end is because I had gone to visit my In-Laws and to drop off the kids to spend their holidays there. If I had thought that I would get the much needed peace and quiet I was so wrong as I’m already missing them like crazy and the house looks so forlorn without their presence. The place looks so empty, quiet and I mean eerie... quiet.  Come back you both and I promise that you can have everything the way you want and I shall make sure that you both get away with anything. Wishful thinking, but I’m happy that both the boys are having the time of their lives with their cousins.

Today’s recipe, well I mean calling it a recipe itself would be an outright crime but it relates to many fond memories of my childhood. I used to look forward to a chilled glass of this rose milk every Sunday while visiting “Sandhai” along with my Grandma and Aunt. A street vendor used to sell this milk in a pushcart in the streets or in a stall near temples and prime vacation spots. But back then it was very difficult to get the essence that they used to make this milk but now-a-days every small shop sells them and I get to enjoy this milk whenever I want.

To Make Rose Milk all you need is a few drops of rose milk essence + few spoons of sugar according to your taste buds added to a chilled glass of milk.

That’s it. Enjoy your chilled glass of Rose milk when ever you want.