Cantaloupe Salsa / Muskmelon Salsa

Muskmelon Salsa
As the kids are enjoying their summer vacation at their grand parents place, the kitchen at my home is getting a much needed break especially on the days when H decides to eat out with his colleagues during the day. I’m looking around for ways to take this opportunity and detox myself by eating more salads and drinking more fruit juices. Last week I made this salsa and enjoyed it immensely. 

The ripe juicy melon cubes when jazzed up with lemon juice was so refreshing and was a treat to the senses. I’m sure you will love it too when had chilled on a particularly hot day. I would rather dig into this salsa sitting under the fan watching my favorite show than cook an elaborate meal standing near the hot stove.  

Cantaloupe Salsa / Muskmelon Salsa

You’ll need:


Wash and remove the skin of muskmelon. Cut into 2 and scoop the seeds from the insides of the melon. Dice the muskmelon. Chop the onion, coriander leaves finely. Slit the green chilli into 2 and remove the seeds and chop fine.

In a bowl place the diced melon cubes, onion, green chilli, coriander leaves, salt and toss well. Squeeze the lemon juice and toss once again. Place the bowl in the freezer for 5-10 mins and serve immediately.


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