Carrot Poriyal / Carrot Moong Dal Stir Fry

Carrot Moong Dal Stir Fry

I make this poriyal / Stir fry often especially during the week days to pack for lunch for the kids as it is very easy and quick to make. With the summer getting more and more hot this simple stir fry not only reduces the time spent in the kitchen as I finished the job partly in the microwave but also goes so easy and light on the stomach. 

Carrot Moong Dal Stir Fry

You’ll need:



Wash and dice the carrots finely. Chop onions finely. Soak the moong dal for ½ hour and pressure cook for just 1 whistle.

Steam the carrots for 3-4 min. I micro waved them at high for 1.5 min closing the vessel with a lid.

Heat a pan with oil. Temper with mustard seeds. Once they splutter add the urad dal and whole red chillies. Roast till the urad dal turns golden brown.

Add the chopped onion and curry leaf and sauté till the onions turns pink. Now add the cooked yellow moong dal, carrots , grated coconut, salt and mix well. Close the pan with a lid and cook for 2 min or till dry.

Serve hot with rice as an accompaniment.


Make sure that the dal and carrots do not have any water. Drain them well before using.

Using them along with water will make them mushy and lumpy.

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