Black Grape Banana Smoothie & A Giveaway

Bckk Grape Banana Smoothie
Drop...  Pour...  Blend...  Fill...  Slurp...  That is smoothie for you. So easy right and yet so filling. I prefer smoothies for fruit juices as you get the best of the fruit this way. My elder kid is averse to drinking milk and the younger one is averse to bananas. This smoothie is a perfect solution to solve both their aversion and  make me in turn very happy that they have had something nutritious for the day.

Black Grape Banana Smoothie

You’ll need:
Black Grapes (seedless) – 1/2 cup
Ripe Banana - 1
Milk, chilled – 1/2 to 3/4 cup
Sugar / Honey – 2 tbsp

Place both the fruits in a blender. Add sugar or honey, which ever you are using and pulse till they both merge and become smooth. Now add the chilled milk and blend till smooth. Top glasses and serve immediately.

And now to the Giveaway, a few days back, Hilary wrote to me asking whether I would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway about her new eBook. After I wrote back that I was interested, she had sent me a copy and I really liked what I read. You can check her space if you are healthy conscious and want to know more on nutrition and to find out if you are eating and drinking right. You can also know more about the book here.

This book contains a host of information about right way of going on a smoothie diet and the ways to make a great smoothie and some 40 + smoothie recipes and if you are keen on detoxing this book is a must, I would say.

Even if you are not interested on going on a diet or so, you will love the recipes given in this book as smoothies are the best way to get the fruit in its complete form which is even more healthier than when compared to fruit juices and who would not say to a tall glass of chilled smoothie on a hot summer day.

Though you can also buy it online, a lucky winner will get it absolutely free and will also get it in Kindle and     I-pad versions.

To participate in the giveaway all you have to do is,
1. Follow my blog publicly.
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3. Leave a comment that you have done so along with your name, your favorite fruit and your email ID.

A winner will be selected by random and declared on 20th March.

This is my entry to Summer Spirits and to Summer Splash

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