The Gourmet Seven ~ Onto A New Adventure

The Gourmet Seven

Or should I say a foodventure..... Personally talking from experience, Blogging is an adventure which introduced me to a brand new world out there and to unknown people who have become good friends as the time went by.  When we like minded friends who also happen to be foodies talked with each other “The Gourmet Seven” was born. We wanted to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary and drive ourselves to excel.


So who are the seven who belong to The League of the Extraordinary – The Gourmet Seven,


Anusha – Tomato Blues

Kalyani – Sizzling Taste buds

Kaveri – Palakkad Chamayal

Radhika – Tickling Palates

Sangeetha – Spicy Treats

Vardhini – Zesty Palette

Veena – Veg Nation


And seriously, we all are on a mission and what is that?  Cook up and serve delicious Gourmet style food right in our kitchens and proving that Restaurant style menus are possible to whip up at home. I must here say that nothing gives a gourmet, much pleasure when the result turns out to be excellent and just imagine the kudos. Yup, addictive. This will also give us a change to discover, learn new techniques and cherish the experience which we shall share with all of you.


Every first week of the month, We will treat you all to such amazing food that will leave you drooling and wanting for more.  This will be like having our own kitty party but guess what, All are welcome to travel with us in “The Foodies Trail”.