Spicy Corn on Cob ~ A Winter Treat

Spicy Corn on Cob


I simply can’t imagine a winter season passing me without enjoying corn !!!!   Come Winter one can see a street vendor readily standing outside our school steaming these corn cobs over a gunny bag and everyday after school we friends would buy one before starting for home.....   We would have the corn cob in one hand and used to balance the cycle with the other hand and walk all the way home chatting about all things under the sky...... that was worth chatting about....  chewing on these juicy cobs. This used to be a routine for all of the 2 months during the season.... Those were simply the most unforgettable, golden, carefree days......


Though nothing has changed during the recent years as the street vendors still continue to sell the same corn cob by steaming it over a gunny bag, the environment around has very definitely changed......  When my children pester me to buy one for them, I hesitate and object to it. Just imagining the grease and dirt caused by the pollution around entering their system is enough to revolt me. The hygienic conditions have changed as the sellers of now-a-days don’t care 2 hoots about it as their concentration is more on making money.


I buy fresh corn in bulk and store it in the refrigerator and use it when ever my kids crave for it. Here is my way of making it. There is no particular recipe for it and you can come up with varied versions of it.


Spicy Corn on Cob

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You’ll need:


Steam the corn cobs over water to which 2 pinch of salt has been added for 7 to 10 min. In a small bowl mix together red chilli powder, chaat masala powder and a pinch of salt. 


Remove any pith from halved lemon. Press the half on to the spice powders so that it sticks well. Now rub it over the cooked corn cob while squeezing the lemon lightly as you move your hand back and forth. The corn cob will be coated with the spice powders along with the tangy lemon juice. Mmmmm....


Enjoy it immediately. Feel happy in the knowledge that you not only enjoyed a healthy snack but also had a good work out for your jaws.....Winking smile


This is off to my event Winter Carnival.

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