Red Velvet Cup Cakes ~ For Blog Hop Wednesdays

Red Velvet Cup Cakes
It is showering cakes and cookies this month where ever I look around in the blog world. No complaints as it adds more zing to to the festive spirit. My long time wish to bake these cakes came true when I saw this in Princy’s space who is my assigned partner for this week’s Blog Hop. I so badly wanted to make her Eggless Tiramisu but may be some other time.  So what do you do when you go ahead to bake Red velvet cup cakes and in the middle of the process you find that there is no red food color at hand ? I can hear a few sighs..... see a few raised eye brows... read ahead to find out for yourself. 
Princy had baked it into a full fledged cake but I went with cup cakes so that I can watch over and control Arun’s Portion. Embarrassed smile  When it comes to cakes he demands a free hand and I refuse to give that. The cake turned out moist and yummy just as I wanted them to be. The only problem was I did not have enough time at hand and in my hurry to get it clicked and done with, before my guests arrived I pried away a few from the cases before giving it enough cooling time hence the wobbly shape. The others were just perfect the next day. I also referred here to get an understanding of how this cake worked.
I do not feel comfortable clicking at food in front of guests. As many are not aware of my food blog they would think that I had gone bonkers.  This is the first time I using cake flour and I must say that I loved it to bits. The cakes turned out so spongy and crumbly and it was simply a delight to sink in the teeth into that inviting soft ones.... I still do not feel confident enough to use frosting not to mention that I also do not happen to have any tools at hand to try it out.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Makes 12
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You’ll need:

Dry Ingredients:
Wet Ingredients:
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** How to make your own Cake Flour: Measure 1 cup of flour into a bowl. Take away 2 tbsp of flour from the bowl and return it to the bin as you won’t be needing it. Replace that 2 tbsp with corn starch / corn flour to the bowl and sieve the mixture at least 5 times for both the flours to get incorporated well with each other.
*** How to make Buttermilk instantly:  Add 1 tbsp of white non-fruit vinegar or lemon juice or citric acid crystals dissolved in few tbsp of water to 1 cup (240 ml) of milk. Just let this mixture stand 5 to 10 minutes. Buttermilk is ready to use.


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