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Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe 
It has been my long time wish to bake a marble cake especially in a Bundt pan but kept postponing because I did not own a Bundt pan. When my assigned blog for this week’s blog hop turned out to be Roshan, I remembered her posting this cake some time back and checked out her space. She has a lot recipes pertaining to God’s Own Country – Kerala. Though the aroma of them enticed me very much I stuck to this one as Arun was hell bent on making this one. I guess the patterns intrigued him very much. The kids also volunteered to bake this one as they on their holiday. So it is time for a baking session with the kids and we had a great time. Except to help Arun with beating the eggs and making the pattern I did not do anything. So join me on the fun we had together......
The only problem was I still did not manage to get a Bundt pan and had to make do a make shift Bundt pan and to refrain the kids from eating the cake batter. Roshan also had a marble fruit cake but trust me everyone was prepared to run a mile on seeing dry fruits and nuts. We had stuffed ourselves to the full with the fruit cake during Christmas. So I chose to keep it simple and opted to make a chocolate marble cake instead. This cake is very simple to make especially with the kids in tow and will make a perfect tea time treat.


Chocolate Marble Cake / Marble Cake Recipe

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You’ll need:

Preheat the oven to 180 Deg C. Grease a Bundt pan well and keep it ready. As I did not have a Bundt pan I took a normal pan and placed a muffin can into the middle.

  Make sure that you grease the inside of the pan and the outside of the muffin case.


Sieve together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt together.


Beat butter and castor sugar till they are fluffly. Add the egg, milk, vanilla essence and beat well together. Add the flour mixture to this and beat till mixed properly.

Divide the batter into 2 parts in the ratio of 3/4 and 1/4.

To the 1/4 portion add cocoa powder and mix well.

  Add the vanilla mixture and cocoa mixture to the pan alternating it as shown in the picture. If any batter is left out place the vanilla mixture on top of the cocoa mixture and vice versa for the second layer.
Using a sharp tipped knife make an incision into the batter and proceed to draw lines around the pan as shown in the picture. Doesn’t it look cute ? Just keep in mind not to over do it.
Tap the tray on the counter to get rid of any air bubbles. Slip into the oven and bake for 35-40 min. Cool for 30 min in tray and then slice and serve with tea.

This turned out to be a deliciously spongy, soft and moist cake. I would have gotten perfect slices had it not been for Arun, who due to his over enthusiasm pulled out the muffin case in the middle immediately after I took it out of the oven. So the cake broke unevenly in the pan itself. So when I inverted it after cooling it off, it came out unevenly. But still I guess only the taste, the experience and the time well spent only should matter in this case. I shall be updating this post with decent clicks when I make it again.

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This recipe also happens to be aMarmorgugelhupf (Marble Cake)

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