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Sohan Halwa


I love the orange color. To me it is flaming, vibrant, zesty and so full of life. That is one of the reason for my attraction towards this particular halwa. I love looking at them in sweet shops and had thought it was a very difficult one to make and one in which oodles of ghee goes into the making. Recently while surfing through the TV channels listlessly I saw this recipe being demonstrated and the name got me hooked. Only after the show ended that I realized that it was the same halwa that I used to drool upon. The beauty of it is that it actually needs very little ghee to make this halwa.




Sohan Halwa

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You’ll need:



Bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Add sugar and cook till it reaches a sticky consistency. No need for one string consistency which is a plus in this halwa. Prepare a plate by greasing it with ghee and keep it ready.

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Take remaining 1/2 cup of water and add corn flour and mix well without any lumps. Mix this to the sugar syrup and cook over low flame.


The mixture would be milk white at this stage. After cooking for 5-7 minutes the consistency will thicken and you can see that the mixture has turned glass like. The raw smell would have gone by now.

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Add cardamom powder, ghee, orange food color and pumpkin seeds. Mix well and transfer to the greased plate. Let it rest for half an hour. Cut into desired shapes and serve.




  • You can also add sliced cashew nuts and almonds in the place of pumpkin seeds.
  • Remember to cook over low flame else the bottom might burn.



This is off to Krithi & Denny’s Serve it ~ Festival Potluck, Pari’s Only Sweets & Desserts hosted by Gayathri and to Srav’s CC: Festive Food

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