Shadows | Black & White Wednesdays

If I had been told that I actually might enjoy clicking in Black & White some time back I would have laughed out loud. The whole think would have sounded weird to me. Why on earth would I attempt B&W photos that sounded so old school? But here I am actually doing not only that but having lot of fun in the process.

I came across this concept only when I sent this entry to Susan’s blog. This idea sort of grew on me and while I was clicking for my Garlic Smoked Tomato Chutney recipe, I suddenly remembered this and experimented with this idea. I liked it so much that I kept it for my Blog Header. Do you see that on top? Here it is anyways.

Like it? I always used to believe that B&W photographs have an old school charm to them hiding so many memories inside them, some known and many unknown to us. This attempt only assures me of that. Which one do you like the  most?

This is off to Susan’s Black & White Wednesdays