Roundup of CBB Series#4 ~ Chinese Cuisine

So far this month has not gone down well with me as the phone connection was out for the fortnight. I have a lot of pending work and though I had planned on posting lot of Chinese recipes for this event all the plan went to a toss. 

Though a bit disappointed with not able to post a lot of entries I was very happy with the entries that I received. The fellow food bloggers really made up for it. Here is the visual treat of the Chinese Cuisine Round Up.

Premalatha Aravindhan of Prema's Thaligai has sent in slurpy Vegetable Chow Mein.

Now comes a steamed fare from priti of Indian Khana in the form of Vegetable Momos.

Check out this cute looking Noodles Cutlet sent by Sravani. I'm sure that this will make an ideal evening company for tea or for the kids school snacks box.

Now comes some Vegetable Manchurian sent in by Rekha. This would be a perfect accompaniment with any fried rice or noodles.

Julie of Tasty Treats has sent in these perfect looking Multi grain Butterfly pasta in white sauce, a healthy option.

Mention Chinese and how could we forget Tofu. Akheela of Torviewtoronto has sent in these very simple but healthy Stir fry Tofu

Here comes Fried rice in a new avatar. Truly innovative and healthy. I'm sure the kids won't say no  bitter gourd when cooked this way. Bitter gourd Fried Rice Sent by Sangee

Check out this Chinese Fare that Nivedita has cooked for her fried and her daughter. Truly tongue tickling. I hope they all enjoyed it. She has sent in Veg Chilly, truly yummy

Now comes our good old Idli in a new avatar. Krithi has sent these Chinese Idly Fry, truly chinese inspired I would say.

Who wouldn't love paneer if it made in this way. Laxmi has sent Chilli Paneer , looking great with the paneer cubes soaked in the sauce.

Sudha of Malaysian Delicacies has sent in Stir Fry Egg Noodles

This recipe has always been fusion at its best. East fusing with the West. None other than American Chopsuey sent by Deeksha

So far I have not been a fan of tofu but after seeing this lovely bowl of Sweet and Sour Tofu sent by Aarthi I am going to definitely try. Isn't it so colorful?

Chinese soups are always a favorite among many. If you are a taker then try this Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup sent in my Denny

Looking for a healthy spaghetti recipe. here it is. Spaghetti with roasted broccoli and tofu sent in by Vardhini. 

Sobha Shyam has sent in Chilli Soya that looks just awesome.

And finally comes my entries for the event Chinese Egg Noodles, Machurian Burger and Chilli Paneer

Thank you dear all for participating and also don't forget to check out the next month series with a revamp to the CBB Series called as Let's Cook: Break-Time snacks

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