Venn Pongal

Sundays are for preparing leisure breakfasts which should differ from the daily dose of idlis, oatmeals and bread sandwiches on the go during week days. Getting up late, treasuring a hot steaming cup of coffee while going thru the newspaper and making the breakfast while watching TV and relishing it with all the trimmings at leisure instead of gobbling them as we usually do on week days is something I look forward to instead of having to hurry up the kids for school and having to shout at them when they make it late.

Though this venn pongal is something that you can make in a jiffy without having to prepare elaborately it can surely make you feel filled till your late lunch. This Sunday’s breakfast…….

You’ll Need:

In a kadai roast the yellow moong till a nice aroma arises. Take care not to over cook and change its color. Wash the rice and along with roasted dal, pressure cook with salt, milk and water for 4 to 5 whistles. The resulting cooked mixture should be mashable and not grainy.

In a pan heat the ghee and add the black pepper corn first. It should be fried well and become crunchy for enhanced taste. Take care cos it starts popping. Then add cumin seeds, ginger, curry leaves and cashew nuts. Pour this seasoning over the cooked rice and dal mixture and mash it all together. While serving drizzle ghee all over the venn pongal and keep coconut chutney or sambar as accompaniments.

Note: Instead of adding whole spices you can crush them coarsely.

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