Tickling Palates


I'm Radhika, a mother of 2 young boys and love to cook for them. 

As I had a full time working mother, I think I started learning to cook right from an early age say 11 or 12 in an effort to help her. Food has always been a subject of sustenance to me till I had kids on my own. 

I believe that once you have kids on your own the entire perspective on life and food changes. At least it did for me. I started looking out for healthy and easy to cook food to make meal times for interesting for them. As of now the elder one happens to be "THE" foodie of the family and is my best critic. The youngest one is the hardest to please, a picky eater who has slowly started to eat just now. On the whole, I like and enjoy cooking for my family.

I reside in Chennai, India. I'm game for trying out any recipe as long as it happens to be vegetarian as I happen to be one too. In this space you will find vegetarian recipes with an exception to some egg based recipes for the sake of my children.

Baking has become my new found love ever since I got my Microwave oven with the convection mode. I concentrate more on learning the techniques of this science called baking. I'm making slow progress but will definitely reach there where I can boast that I'm one among the best.

You can contact me at ticklingpalates@gmail.com  You can find also find me on Facebook and TwitterHope you all get to spend a great time in my space and enjoy the recipe collection.